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average value of property sold every month.

in communication to every seller while for sale.

vendor portal.

Communication is one of the most desired requirements sought by sellers in a real estate agent.

We get it. No communication will create frustration for you and potentially hinder achieving a sale.

For us it will certainly equal no referral or good word of mouth to your circle of friends, so why wouldn’t we excel in this area and spoil you!

Our company and our agents are built to communicate with you before you sell, during your sales campaign and between sale and settlement.

We provide every client with their own unique ‘Vendor Portal’ to access 24/7. 

residential concierge.

Prepping your home for sale can help achieve a better final result, however the thought can seem scary. Where, how and what do you start with? 

Our exclusive stylist can transform your home appearance to provide you the chance to generate a higher profit.

We have all tradespeople at our fingertips who will assist you with improving the areas that count and will be on show. From landscapers for putting mulch across the garden, painters to freshen up the whole appearance, carpet layers if it’s time to change it, to builders who can attend those jobs you’ve been delaying for years. We can help in all areas of your property.

We won’t allow you to do the annoying work, it’s all part of our service, right through to the removalist if you require it on settlement day.

legal documents.

The Contract of Sale and Section 32 details the legal standing of your property. A deposit cannot be taken until the Contract of Sale and Section 32 has been signed and dated by you.

We highly recommend you appoint a solicitor or conveyancer to prepare a Section 32 and have it completed prior to the property going live to the market.

For a sale to be legally binding you and the prospective purchaser must sign a Contract of Sale which will formalise the terms and conditions of the sale that have been agreed to. 

If you don’t have a solicitor or conveyancer in mind, we’re happy to recommend one and can arrange them to contact you if you wish.

sold by us.