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in the last 12 months

in Regional Victoria for highest value of property sold.

in Victoria for highest value of property sold from 2554 agencies.

in Victoria for number of Sales transactions from 2554 agencies.

Buyer inspections

Market appraisals

Sales since we opened our doors in 2011.

Customers served

Value sold in FY 2023

is the average advertised days for lease.

of rent is paid on time.

is the average time a property remains vacant after a tenant moves out and a new tenant moves in.

is our longest standing landlord.

in our database who want to lease a property now.

rental property inspections

at rental inspections.

value of property we manage for landlords.

our commitment.

Providing a memorable personable team service combined with immediacy,
innovation and professionalism, from agents who get a thrill, delivering
the greatest property experience on the Bellarine Peninsula.

we help over


families move every year

our team averages


buyer inspections every week

You won’t find any place better on the Bellarine.

tales behind the sales.

Team Profile.

The majority of what we do, others won’t do.

We absolutely believe the industry has it wrong, so we have employed a very different approach from the beginning. It’s worked for over 4,000 sellers, buyers and landlords that we have represented since 2011.

We are Australia’s first real estate ‘Team’ business. Our agents within each
Geographical Team share the selling fee earned. The advantages of this structure are phenomenal for any seller or buyer and is the major reason for us becoming one of the Bellarine Peninsula’s fastest growing businesses.

When you sign a contract with us, we guarantee you that each and every buyer who inspects or enquires about your property during the campaign will be contacted and given an opportunity to purchase. It sounds so logical, and yet this is the unique way we operate compared with traditional real estate agencies. It’s been reassuring and comforting for all sellers and buyers to learn that we operate this way, and is still a big surprise that other agencies across Australia do not conduct themselves this way.

Township Profiles.

The Bellarine Peninsula is rapidly becoming a target location for the many people wanting to make a move to a more relaxed lifestyle.

The diversity of attractions such as amazing food destinations and wineries, the peaceful beaches on Port Phillip Bay or the surfing mecca of 13th Beach. These are just a few of numerous reasons to get out and about! As a location to live, the Peninsula provides a multitude of facilities from quality sporting amenities and clubs, a large range of schools, medical facilities and shopping, whether it be the large supermarkets or the café and boutique style shop, the Bellarine has it covered!

The Bellarine Peninsula offers the rare opportunity to live where you would normally holiday.

Click on the link to find out exactly what each area has to offer!

VIP Service.

Are you disappointed when you see a property sold and you were never told about it? Do you wish agents contacted you first when they list a home that is suitable for you to buy?

Our VIP system will assure you these disappointments won’t occur. Hit the button below, fill in your criteria details and you'll be notified about every new listing one of our agent lists For Sale, days and possibly weeks before it goes on the internet and even probably while the agent is still at the property.

News and advice.

first offer syndrome.
Selling in a reasonable time frame is every genuine vendor’s aim, second only to selling for the highest possible price. “Yet most agents say that the hardest sale to make…
emotional investors can make poor decisions.
One of the major dilemmas for property investors is where and what to buy. “It always surprises advisers how many investors are emotional about their purchases,” Christian Bartley, Managing Director…