Book a rental appraisal.

convenience and immediacy provided.

Welcome to the most convenient way to book in your property appraisal with us. We love adapting our business with up to date technology and providing easy, immediate ways to connect and meet with our team. When trying to lock in an appraisal time, it can often lead to an exchange of multiple phone calls or text messages until an agreeable time slot is found that suits the agents, home owners and/or other concerned parties.

Whilst this technology is not new, it is to the real estate industry. We’re stoked to be the first to provide this simple platform that allows you to book a time to meet with us at your property. We can provide you with our advice, knowledge, opinions and ideas to create a profitable real estate move to your next destination.

Simply select your team below, then your agent. You will see their available dates and times, then select the time that suits you and enter the required details. We have eliminated the hassle of back-and-forth emails and you’re booked in no time!