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of rent is paid on time

is our longest standing landlord

value of property we manage for landlords

average days advertised for rent

our team approach works.

Having an entire property management team know all intricate details about your investment property is unique. 

We guarantee you your call, e-mail or text will be returned the same day it was delivered.

Having the peace of mind your property will not go one day of the year without one of our team assisting you, having reports communicated to you on time, any arrears chased, repairs carried out is a major milestone to owning a profitable asset. 

We know you employ a property manager to remove the stress and worry from yourself. You don’t get one of us, you get all of us and we love delivering a different experience to what you’re either use to receiving or have come to think was un-changeable in our industry.

we know what you want.

From our long association with owners of residential real estate we have a clear understanding of what you’re looking for from your property manager.

Protection of the property – not harmed by the tenant, kept safe and secure, repairs carried out to prevent damage, correct insurance;

Fair and reliable income – market rent, no arrears, short vacancy, rental increases in the future, suggestions for cost effective improvements;

Confidence – that they can trust their assets are being looked after, great two-way communication resulting in a feeling of confidence;

A happy renter – knowing that the tenant appreciates living in your property and is being treated with respect by your agent;

Value for money – fair fees, fair tradespeople costs, regular rent increases, a feeling that your investment is managed as though it was owned by the agent.


Our Property Management Team are in high demand across our region. We manage investment properties across the entire Bellarine Peninsula, the Surfcoast and Geelong. Our portfolio also includes rural farms, commercial and industrial properties.

No matter where you are in our region, our team, our system, our enthusiasm and our professional knowledge is available for you to use as we pride ourselves in being the one stop shop for investors, covering everything in Property Management services but also delivering down to earth advice and tips on improving your property wealth.

Would you like to have a chat over coffee and discuss your investment strategy?

leased by us.