Our Community Involvement.

giving puts a smile on our faces

Since the day we opened our doors, we have been giving back, not just to the local communities, also charities and events around Australia. We have a strong ethos and commitment to helping and giving and feel privileged to be able to use our real estate business as a platform to making a difference to many who need it.

Some of our strong highlights have been the donations to The Good Friday Appeal, Movember, Levi’s 300km run for Geelong Mum’s, to the Defibrillator located outside our office. In 2016 we began the Bellarine Life video series raising awareness and profiles for local attractions and businesses on the Bellarine.

To date we have given over $238,000 to groups, clubs, charities, appeals and events, however, it isn’t all just financial, we continue to give our time for many charity auctions, contributing our skills to assist raising as much money as possible for the cause at hand and we love every minute of it too.