Our Difference.

the majority of what we do, others won’t do.

We absolutely believe the industry has it wrong, so we have employed a very different approach from the beginning. It’s worked for over 4,000 sellers, buyers and landlords that we have represented since 2011.

Being Australia’s first real estate ‘Team’ business, our agents within each Geographical Team share the selling fee earned. The advantages of this structure are phenomenal for any seller, buyer, landlord or renter and is the major reason for us becoming one of the Bellarine Peninsula’s fastest growing businesses.

When you sign a contract with us, we guarantee you that each and every buyer who inspects or enquires about your property during the campaign will be contacted and given an opportunity to purchase. It sounds so logical, and yet this is the unique way we operate compared with traditional real estate agencies. It’s been reassuring and comforting for all sellers and buyers to learn that we operate this way, and is still a big surprise that other agencies across Australia do not conduct themselves like this.

We are unrestricted by any franchise or head office, therefore if we think it, we design it, we do it. We have the ability to rapidly engineer change and embrace the very best technology from around the globe, offering its advantages to our clients before other agencies can even get it through compliance.

In the beginning we only serviced the Barwon Heads market, however within weeks we were receiving enquiries from home owners across the Bellarine Peninsula. Bellarine Property grew and evolved as our clients felt the difference and shared their positive experiences with others. 

Our team are constantly cultivating and evolving their skills by training with the best in the business to deliver superior negotiations, property inspections and a better overall customer experience for everyone.