Our Evolution.

converting a vision into reality.

Starting with a team of five in a highly competitive industry, Christian knew he had to follow what his gut was telling him.

“My gut was saying, ‘Be different, do what you feel is the right way to approach it for all clients. Create an open and transparent business delivering honesty, enthusiasm and integrity, but most of all go against the traditional agency structure to enable this wholly different experience for everyone’s benefit”.

Bellarine Property pioneered a new way of operating in their market and industry, becoming the first complete ‘team’ operated business for both Sales and Rentals in Australia.

They envisioned delivering a clean, fresh and wonderful experience to selling real estate, and set about creating it.

They strive to be unique and different to other real estate businesses. Not only does their team model approach set them apart, they are refining the way they go about things on a daily basis. The result is an experience on price, level of communication, technology and outcomes that are world class and ever-evolving.

“We don’t accept satisfied, we accept ‘blown away’.” Christian states.

In a fast changing world, they are committed to staying agile and nimble. They believe this is the key to being the best in the market on any given day.

“We hire only the very best and we expect excellence from them.” says Christian.

In 2016, Christian provided an ownership and leadership pathway opportunity into the business, to Levi Turner. Sharing ownership of the company and a like minded vision, has resulted in further expansion and growth of the business across the Bellarine Peninsula for sales and rentals, and now commercial and industrial real estate.

“The addition of Levi into the business saw more brain power, new ideas, and tripled the amount of enthusiasm coming from the top”, Christian says with a smile.

With a shared love for surfing as a pastime, both individuals possess an innate energy akin to that which fuels marathon runners. This energy extends beyond personal pursuits, driving their passion for leading a remarkable team of over 20 staff members. Their bond is palpable, evident in the seamless cohesion of their leadership. Defined as the capacity to do work, their collective energy is abundant and invigorating, propelling their team to new heights of success.

It’s energising to be in their presence, to see how they operate, to observe the lengths they go to for buyers and sellers – and to witness a different era in real estate.

This team are achieving phenomenal results, placing them inside the top 20 real estate agencies across the state of Victoria. An incredible feat achieved in such a short time, including the achievement of having sold over $2.1 billion dollars worth of property in their first 10 years across the Bellarine Peninsula.

“At the end of the day, it’s the people within the business that get the result, not the ‘brand’. This is a vital element to consider when choosing who to trust with selling your property.” Christian says.

In 2023, Bellarine Property made a strategic acquisition by purchasing another real estate business in Drysdale. This move was particularly significant as Bellarine Property had already established a strong market presence in both sales and rentals in the area. The acquisition was viewed as a positive development for residents invested in real estate in North Bellarine, offering them expanded services and expertise.

As part of this strategic move, Bellarine Property welcomed Lee Martin and Andrew Kibbis into ownership positions within the acquired business. Both Martin and Kibbis were seasoned professionals with extensive experience and a long-standing commitment to Bellarine Property. Their addition to the ownership team instantly bolstered the company’s leadership, bringing in a wealth of knowledge and skill to further drive its success in the region.