VIP Buyer Registration.

get a head start on the market.

Choosing to receive our VIP buyer service, you’re putting yourself in the position of being one of the very first to hear of every new listing we bring to the market in your chosen location and price range, before it actually goes ‘live to the market’ via advertising. Cheers to that alone, we say!

As one of our agents literally leave a property they’ve just been engaged to sell, they will complete our electronic VIP platform notifying you of the address and basic details about the property. This information will be enough for you to know where it’s located, particulars of the home, price range and if it meets the criteria you’re looking for.

If it does, the next step will be to arrange an inspection before other buyers notice it from the marketing campaign which will typically be 5-7 days later. Yes, you will be ahead of the pack! This opportunity will give you a critical upper hand to be in a position to buy the property well in front of other buyers. You no longer need to keep looking at real estate websites to find out what the latest listings are, you will receive quality new listings from us before they launch on any website.

If you’re a buyer you cannot afford to miss out on our alerts. Good luck and welcome to receiving our Buyer VIP Service.