Decors Are Disposable

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Buying a home is very stressful and purchasers sometimes lack confidence when making their final choice. Having started out with a “wish list” they find themselves sacrificing up to half of what they originally set their hearts on.

The problem is deciding which fifty percent to sacrifice. People get very confused about their priorities, especially if they “fall in love” with a property even though it does not actually meet many of their more practical needs.

According to Christian, the best way to end up with your ideal home in the long run is to buy prudently from an investment point of view and plan to get your dream home second or third time around.

Above all, make sure you don’t ignore the old wisdom about location taking up places one, two and three on your list of criteria, Christian says. “Decor, even house style and size can always be changed or improved but location and land size (apart from extraordinary circumstances) are basically there forever.”

Focusing on location can help purchasers be more objective so they avoid letting their hearts rule their heads, Christian says.

Christian says that, location aside, there are many ways of ensuring that you make a good buy from a structural and amenities point of view.

Checking thoroughly before making an offer can save time and money, Christian says. It means you can rule out most of the properties that won’t come up to scratch before you spend money on a professional building report.

Almost every property we sell obtains a building report prior to it going onto the market. This report can be purchased by every purchaser at anytime throughout the campaign, direct from our website on the property page.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact any of our agents who will assist you with your requirements.

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