Barwon heads

The township of BARWON HEADS was first surveyed in 1870 but remained sparsely populated for many years. Fishing was the mainstay of the town in its early years.

In the 1890’s an influx of hunters started to visit Lake Connewarre for ducks and other native birds, which saw the town swell. In the 1920s and 1930s the town became a popular holiday resort and a number of the richer families of Melbourne built houses here. The summer period today still sees a large influx of holidaymakers to the town.

The BARWON HEADS bridge was opened in 1927, spanning the barwon River between BARWON HEADS and OCEAN GROVE. Prior to this there was a rowboat service across the river.
During the late 1990s, BARWON HEADS was the primary location of filming for the popular australian television series, Seachange. In the past decade BARWON HEADS has become subject to what is colloquially known in some parts of australia as the 'seachange effect'.

The waters around the heads have been very dangerous over the years, the giant limestone bluff not only stands proudly at the mouth of the river it extends along a large reef into the sea and has caused many devastating shipping accidents over the years. There are recordings of 12 ships between 1853 and 1890 being destroyed. One of the worst was the Earl of charemont which was lost on the rocks in 1853. In 1940 a cargo ship called the orungal also run aground and burnt and there are reports of it’s boilers still being seen off the bluff at low tide.

BARWON HEADS has remained one of the most popular holiday destinations in the geelong region for nearly 100 years and with so much to offer with its beautiful natural assets and quaint town it will remain a favourite for many years to come.

Real estate and design
The holiday town of BARWON HEADS is located on the southern coast of the bellarine peninsula and separated by the barwon river from its twin coastal town of OCEAN GROVE.

BARWON HEADS is a popular seaside community, offering a diverse variety of coastal attractions from the shallow and sandy shoreline of the barwon river to the windswept surf beaches which front bass strait along 13th beach road. The bluff lookout, at point flinders, is situated on a rocky outcrop and a network of surrounding walking tracks provides views over the town centre, along the barwon river and in all directions across bass strait.

The commercial centre of BARWON HEADS includes the town\'s major hotel just near the river bridge and a strip of shops including cafes and restaurants along Hitchcock Avenue.

Just north of BARWON HEADS is the expansive waterway of Lake connewarre and surrounding wetlands which make an ideal spot for fishing and bird watching.

Since the Seachange television series first aired in 1998 there has been a significant increase in tourism and real estate sales and development (both commercial and residential) in the area. This has resulted in a very substantial increase in property and land values, making the town an ideal location for property developers.

BARWON HEADS is home to about 1300 permanent residents and swells to three or more times the size over the summer with thousands flocking to the laid back lifestyle for outdoor activities or just plain relaxation. The town is less than half an hour to the centre of geelong and a great place to explore the bellarine peninsula, Surf Coast and great ocean road all within min

With The bluff towering in the background, hitchcock avenue has a cafe culture to rival the quality of melbourne's best.

Bustling with fashionable shops, the main street offers selective and quality shopping. There are famous surf shops, while many boutiques sell stylish clothes and homewares.

There's also spa therapy and yoga centres on the shopping strip, just around the corner from the riverside playground.

Sports fitness and recreation
BARWON HEADS boasts a tennis, bowls, surf life saving, soccer and pony club. Golfers play at the BARWON HEADS golf club on golf links road, or at the course of the thirteenth beach golf links on BARWON HEADS road BARWON HEADS has great recreational fishing from its river to the heads, it caters for all types of anglers.

The town also has an australian rules football team competing in the bellarine football League, and a cricket club which currently competing in the bellarine peninsula cricket association.

Distance from the CBD and transport
Situated about 22 km south east of geelong BARWON HEADS as the name suggests is where the barwon river which originates high in the otways reaches the sea.

BARWON HEADS is about 23 kilometres to the south east out of central geelong being about a 25 minute drive passing through belmont, marshall and connewarre.

Famous landmarks and attractions
Once a sleepy fishing village BARWON HEADS is now one of the favorite destinations in the geelong region with great beaches, a trendy café set and easy going lifestyle this town has been rejuvenated and is thriving with life and only 20 minutes from the centre of geelong.

Nearby thirteenth beach is a popular surfing location, the beach is named for its proximity to the 13th hole of the golf course and is one of the best surf beaches in the region.

Just behind the dunes is the site of both of BARWON HEADS outstanding, world rated golf clubs. BARWON HEADS golf club is just behind the bluff and thirteenth beach golf links is a few kilometres along the BARWON HEADS road.

The historic heritage listed clubhouse, with its old world charm, has magnificent views of the course and the coastline towards port phillip heads. The nearby bass strait and sand dunes, along with the weather conditions provide a links reminiscent of famed Scottish links.

Thirteenth beach is a 36 hole golf and residential complex and famous golfing pro nick faldo has suggesting that thirteenth beach will become one of australia's "must visit golfing destinations”.

The giant bluff at the mouth of the barwon river is just as well known as the bridge this huge limestone cliff face offers shelter to the river mouth and protects the sandy shores making it ideal and fairly safe for swimming and also offer great protection to the large campgrounds at its base.

There is plenty of nature to see and enjoy around BARWON HEADS, with the river and connecting reedy swamp and lake connewarre attracting an amazing array of bird life including ibis, spoonbills, pelicans and ducks. Some of Lake connewarre is a state game reserve and has been popular over the years with shooters during duck hunting season.

Fishing is also a great past time which attracts many to BARWON HEADS, with fishing from the jetties, beaches and boats all popular. The township has some great places to ride bikes and plenty of walking tracks to experience the fresh sea air from bass strait.

Jirrahlinga koala and wildlife sanctuary is located in the north west corner of BARWON HEADS and is an educational sanctuary renowned for its work in dealing with sick, injured and orphaned koalas, birds, mammals and sealife.

The BARWON HEADS area offers probably the most diverse fishing experiences in the geelong region. The town was built on its good fishing and hunting. As its name suggests BARWON HEADS is the head of the barwon river that stretches to the otways rain forests

Restaurants and cafes
Plenty of new dining experiences have popped up in town over recent years some of the favourites include barwon orange, the beach house, peppercorn foods, and at the heads situated on the pier overlooking the picturesque river and bluff. The BARWON HEADS hotel still offers fresh cold beer and a great meal.

Schools & education
BARWON HEADS only Primary school is located at the beach end of golflinks road.

Festival of the Sea is a community festival which showcases local music and performances, offers fun coastal-based activities and promotes awareness and appreciation of the coastal environment.
  • Suburb:Barwon Heads
Address Suburb Bed Bath Car Price
65 Taits Road BARWON HEADS 3 1 2 $870,000-$950,000 View Property
30 Thomson Drive BARWON HEADS 4 3 2 $1,250,000-$1,325,000 View Property
36 Saratoga Avenue BARWON HEADS 3 2 2 $1,000,000-$1,100,000 View Property
25 Saratoga Avenue BARWON HEADS 4 2 2 $1,080,000-$1,180,000 View Property
1/119 Hitchcock Avenue BARWON HEADS 3 2 2 $1,175,000-$1,275,000 View Property
2 Bridge Road BARWON HEADS 4 2 2 $1,650,000-$1,775,000 View Property
3 Culdee Court BARWON HEADS 4 2 2 $1,650,000 View Property
1/22 Riverside Terrace BARWON HEADS 3 2 2 Contact Agent View Property
1C Grandview Parade BARWON HEADS 0 0 0 $1,100,000-$1,200,000 View Property
33 Reid Street BARWON HEADS 5 3 2 Contact Agent View Property
39 Margate Street BARWON HEADS 0 0 0 $1,300,000-$1,400,000 View Property
98 Carr Street BARWON HEADS 5 3 3 $3,200,000-$3,500,000 View Property
106 Carr Street BARWON HEADS 4 2 3 $1,450,000-$1,550,000 View Property
Address Suburb Bed Bath Car Price
1/86 Hitchcock Avenue BARWON HEADS $53,500 Plus GST Plus Outgoings View Property
Address Suburb Sold Date Bed Bath Car Sale Price
5/57 Hitchcock Avenue BARWON HEADS 18-09-2020 2 1 1 $675,000 View Property
6 Cronulla Court BARWON HEADS 17-09-2020 3 1 2 $825,000 View Property
3/12 Hitchcock Avenue BARWON HEADS 17-09-2020 3 2 2 $1,125,000 View Property
1/76 Taits Road BARWON HEADS 2-09-2020 4 2 1 $850,000 View Property
2 Minah Street BARWON HEADS 28-08-2020 4 2 2 Undisclosed View Property
15 Hogan Drive BARWON HEADS 27-08-2020 3 2 1 Undisclosed View Property
2/11 Reid Street BARWON HEADS 19-08-2020 3 2 1 $680,000 View Property
43 Golf Links Road BARWON HEADS 17-08-2020 4 2 6 $1,100,000 View Property
49 Knox Drive BARWON HEADS 13-08-2020 3 2 2 $838,000 View Property
23 Geelong Road BARWON HEADS 12-08-2020 2 2 2 $1,150,000 View Property
8 Curlew Court BARWON HEADS 11-08-2020 3 2 2 $850,000 View Property
1-3 Corymbia Circuit BARWON HEADS 10-08-2020 4 2 2 Undisclosed View Property
27 Saratoga Avenue BARWON HEADS 8-08-2020 4 2 2 $945,000 View Property
2 Geelong Road BARWON HEADS 7-08-2020 2 1 1 $695,000 View Property
95 Carr Street BARWON HEADS 31-07-2020 4 3 4 Undisclosed View Property
102 Carr Street BARWON HEADS 23-07-2020 4 3 2 Undisclosed View Property
51 Golf Links Road BARWON HEADS 17-07-2020 3 2 2 Undisclosed View Property
1/2 Grove Road BARWON HEADS 25-06-2020 2 1 1 $700,000 View Property
2/68 Sheepwash Road BARWON HEADS 22-06-2020 4 2 2 Undisclosed View Property
42 Newbay Close BARWON HEADS 17-06-2020 3 2 2 $930,000 View Property
1721 Barwon Heads Road BARWON HEADS 12-06-2020 4 3 2 $1,700,000 View Property
Address Suburb Leased Date Bed Bath Car Lease Price
23 Geelong Road BARWON HEADS 1-06-2019 2 2 1 Undisclosed View Property
1/30 Taits Road BARWON HEADS 10-05-2019 3 2 2 Undisclosed View Property
21-22 Furneaux Close BARWON HEADS 7-05-2019 4 2 2 Undisclosed View Property
6/41 Hitchcock Avenue BARWON HEADS 3-05-2019 2 2 0 Undisclosed View Property
2/8 Bridge Road BARWON HEADS 3-05-2019 2 1 1 Undisclosed View Property
5 Von Nida Avenue BARWON HEADS 12-03-2019 3 2 1 Undisclosed View Property
2 Ramsgate Street BARWON HEADS 2-03-2019 2 2 2 Undisclosed View Property
1/4 Wattlebird Crescent BARWON HEADS 22-02-2019 3 2 1 Undisclosed View Property
2 Mulgoa Court BARWON HEADS 8-02-2019 3 2 2 Undisclosed View Property
14 Galveston Court BARWON HEADS 2-02-2019 3 1 1 Undisclosed View Property
17 Thomson Drive BARWON HEADS 23-01-2019 4 2 2 Undisclosed View Property
22 Henley Street BARWON HEADS 20-12-2018 4 2 2 Undisclosed View Property
6/67 Hitchcock Avenue BARWON HEADS 20-12-2018 2 1 2 Undisclosed View Property
4/2 Clifford Parade BARWON HEADS 6-12-2018 2 2 1 Undisclosed View Property
48 Newbay Close BARWON HEADS 20-11-2018 3 2 2 Undisclosed View Property
24 Punt Road BARWON HEADS 19-11-2018 3 2 2 Undisclosed View Property
6/41 Hitchcock Avenue BARWON HEADS 27-10-2018 2 3 1 Undisclosed View Property
8/22 Grove Road BARWON HEADS 1-10-2018 3 3 2 Undisclosed View Property
5/67 Hitchcock Avenue BARWON HEADS 17-09-2018 2 2 2 Undisclosed View Property
22 Ozone Road BARWON HEADS 10-09-2018 4 1 0 Undisclosed View Property
3 Coogee Court BARWON HEADS 10-09-2018 3 1 2 Undisclosed View Property