We recently had the pleasure of Bellarine Property selling our home. Levi Turner was instrumental in ensuring a successful outcome for our family. Communication is the key whether it be professionally or personally, this is a trait that Levi and the whole Bellarine Property team have 100% right. I was recently recalling that 48 hours didn\\\'t pass during our 3 month campaign where we didn’t have some type of communication, via text, phone call, email, written letter or message from Levi. This ensured constant peace of mind that the selling of our property was at the forefront. Levi’s continued support, positive and honest nature is something to be congratulated. Having bought and sold properties within the region over the last 20years, ultimately, it was proven that in this instance the guidance, advise and expertise we received from Levi was the reason for our positive outcome.

from Paul & Sally-Vendor- 44 Second Drive, 13th Beach